Monday, October 25, 2010

Adaptec GameBridge

Gamebridge AVC-1400 USB 2.0

For my first hardware a day lets discuss the defunct, though still purchasable, Adaptec GameBridge.  This device will let you connect any device with composite or s-video outputs to your PC or laptop through a USB 2.0 connection.  What set this apart at the time from other such devices was its dedication to low latency.  Latency is the last thing you want when trying to play a match of Street Fighter or Smash Bros.

I picked this device up a while ago and have just been playing with it recently.  I've successfully used it to connect my Nintendo Wii console to my new Compaq Presario laptop with Microsoft Windows 7.  I did, however, have a few hurtles to jump to get it working.

I was able to get this to work in 2 ways.
  1. Use Windows 7 32bit (x86).  The drivers are old and 32bit only.  Using compatibility mode on every .exe on the CD allowed it to install without a hitch.
  2. Use VM Ware.  I was able to get the device to work in a virtual machine running Windows XP using the option to pass USB devices through to the virtual machine.  This will allow you to use the Adaptec GameBridge and still run Windows 7 64bit (x64).
My experiences with the device have been favorable.  Running a Nintendo Wii with composite cables is not optimal, but it is definitely playable and at full speed with no noticeable input lag.

  • If you have problems running in a virtual machine and are on an AMD chipset, uninstall the USB filter driver.
  • Look into dscaler.  This program will give you a better quality picture and let you get a widescreen image over composite cables.

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  1. so this hardware is defunct. so now what's the easiest way to play, let's say, my playstation 2 on my 64 bit laptop screen?