Monday, February 7, 2011

Dingoo A320

My Sony PSP died the other day. Desperately needing a new device to play my emulated games on the go (who actually plays PSP games anyway?) and not having a lot of extra cash, I found the Dingoo A320. For as low as $114 on Amazon (I've seen it for $80 from other places) you can pick up a device that will emulate the same systems that the PSP is capable of and do it better. Another bonus is that you don't need to hack the firmware to do what you want. The Dingo A320 runs a custom installation of linux and have emulators for many systems including NES, SNES, GBA, PSX, and more. It comes with 4GB of internal memory to hold your games and the screen does fairly well even outside in bright sunlight. If you're looking for a cheap PSP replacement and don't care about official PSP games, this is the device to get.


  1. wow 114 is not bad at all. thnks for sharing.

  2. Never heard of that thing before and $114 isn't too bad, cool post.

  3. I'm really interested in this little Dingo. Never heard of it, but if it's a cheap PSP replacement... I'm all ears.